Bringing you
for nearly 70 years.


The root of it all….

Our family has been farming, ranching and serving our community for over 60+ years. Out of all the fruit stands that used to line the streets of Santa Clara, only one remains… ours. We continue to bring the hometown goodness and produce to our community and all those that visit us! We love what we do and will continue to provide fresh fruits, vegetables and memorable experiences to all who visit us!

Why we choose to grow…

We want to provide an authentic experience when you visit us. Shop the local produce, talk with our farmers, ask questions and get answers. Know where the food you are eating is coming from and where it was grown! Come visit us for our fun family activities. Share them with your kids, friends and family. There is nothing like being raised on a farm and we want to share it with everyone.


Pre-Order Online

We now have online pre-orders! Here’s how it works… you order what you want on our website here and pay for them by order date.  All orders are prepaid.  There is a pickup time noted for you to come to get your fruit order.  If you cannot come in the time slot, please make arrangements with us.  Any orders not picked up in 24 hours will be resold as these items are perishable. Click “Shop Now” to start your order!

Pickup Place

Frei’s Fruit Market
2895 W Santa Clara Dr.
Santa Clara, UT 84765

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